Large Washable Pads

These are washable versions of disposable pads and disposable all-in-ones and are used in a similar way to the disposable versions. Washable products can be more cost effective than disposable so are worth considering.

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More likely to suit you if...Less likely to suit you if...
  • Your leakage is very heavy particularly at night
  • You do not have adequate laundry facilities
  • You are unwilling to use washable products
  • Discreetness and apperance are priorities for you

Go for the higher waist waterproof pants as you don't want the them sliding down and exposing the top of your nappy which can lead to wicking onto sheets. Top tip- make sure you pin the terry nappy/shaped towelling as tight as possible so the soaker is held close and snug to your body. Any slight leak from there when wetting side sleeping will be caught by plastic pants and terry (cotton) towelling fabric of your nappy.


Top Tips

  1. Don't be put off using nappies and plastic pants for fear of them looking too clinical. There are a wide variety of plastic pants available in adult sizes nowadays, I have several pairs of plastic pants that have a sheer nylon outer covering with rows of lacy frills sewn across the rear that look lovely and feminine. I get flattering comments from my partner when I wear them too!
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  3. With terry towelling nappies (all-in-ones) worn with plastic pants your instinct is to choose close-fitting waterproof pants that look neat and tidy. Instead try plastic pants that are at least a size larger than you would normally wear. They may puff up a bit, but the larger size will ensure that the towelling when wet is well covered at the waist and legs, eliminating leaks from wicking. Leg and waist elastic are much more comfy too.
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  5. The original solution to a problem if often the best. I chose traditional plastic baby-style pants that many of us remember from childhood. The in sizes large enough to cover a large terry nappy for heavy bedwetters. I was apprehensive when first pulling the plastic pants up and settled them over my terry nappy. The plastic was transparent and did little to conceal my nappy, but it was a good feeling when I woke up after a solid nights sleep to find my bed dry despite having saturated nappies.
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  7. If you use nappies and plastic pants for night time incontinence then choose plastic pants that come well above your nappy at the waist. The illustration shows the nappy sticking out of the waist of the waterproof pants which would wick onto bedding leading to leaks. The same also applies to any exposed nappy material at the legs elastics
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  9. When wearing nappies and plastic pants for night time incontinence then choose plastic pants that are one size larger than you first think. This will ensure that the plastic pants cover the nappy easily, reducing the risk of leaks and wicking onto sheets. The waterproof pants might look a little large, but they will do the job much better, and once in bed no one will see anyway.
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  11. I'm a bedwetter for many years experience of both disposable and re-usable products. Despite trying numerous different designs, brands and sizes I've never found a disposable that works properly. As a side sleeper they often leak. I find the perfect solution is a shaped terry towelling nappy worn with plastic pants. This is a versatile, washable nappy which you can use a booster pad inside for heavy wetters. They are pin-on with lots of scope for adjustment for perfect fit.
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  13. If you find your terry towelling nappies are saturated in the morning your capacity can be boosted to around 2 litres by placing a disposable soaker pad inside your nappy. Pin that nappy good and tight to keep your soaker close to your body. This set up is only as good as good as your plastic pants. Make sure your plastics are a generous fit that completely covers the nappy. The waterproof pants may puff out when you sit but that shows the fit is OK. You should enjoy a good nights sleep.
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  15. Oil based skin care products will make plastic pants go hard. Polyurethane pants are more expensive but appear to be unaffected.
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