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  1. Waterproof pants are available online in many different styles and can be worn in conjunction with other absorbent products to provide extra security. These include traditional plastic pants and pants made from fabric with a waterproof membrane or coating. Some are available in a variety of colours and patterns or with outer covering for improved appearance.
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  3. Pull-ons fine for every-day underwear, but for days out and longer journeys you can improve the protection they give by adding a disposable booster pad inside and wearing a pair of plastic pants over them for added security.
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  5. Washable pants are fine for every-day underwear, but for days out and longer journeys, an unbacked pad worn inside will offer improved protection. Waterproof pants can be worn over them for added security.
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  7. Waterproof pants can be worn over normal underwear and pad to increase protection and security for longer trips out. If your pad becomes too wet your skirt or trousers will be protected and embarrassing leaks will be avoided.
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  9. Washable pads , pants and waterproof pants get a fresh lease of life when air dried outside in the breeze. Don't worry about neighbours seeing your products on the line, provided there are no adult clothes close-by to give away the size.
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  11. Shaped pads are are easy to fit and use when going to the loo.
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