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  1. Don't be put off using pads and plastic pants for fear of them looking too clinical. There are a wide variety of plastic pants available in different colours and styles nowadays.
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  3. People diagnosed with Alzeimers may have night time incontinence, and unless closely supervised may forget to use incontinence products at bed time. Useful tip - leave incontinence products with night clothes ready on the bed so they cannot be missed.
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  5. Choose translucent or transparent plastic pants rather than opaque so your pad's wetness indicator strip can be easily seen through the front of your waterproof pants to check if the pad needs changing.
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  7. If you are incontinent and use pads 24/7 personal hygiene is essential to avoid unwanted odours. Removal of pubic hair using either creams or by shaving to a smooth bare finish may allow for easier cleansing.
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  9. I'm a bedwetter with many years’ experience of both disposable and re-usable products. Despite trying numerous different designs, brands and sizes I've never found a disposable that works properly. As a side sleeper they often leak. I find the perfect solution is a washable T-shaped cotton towelling pad worn with plastic pants. A booster pad can be used inside for added absorbency. They are pin-on with lots of scope for adjustment for perfect fit.
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  11. Warm summer days are an ideal opportunity to freshen up your washable incontinence wear by giving them a good blow outside on the washing line. Top tip- don't worry about neighbours seeing your products on the line, provided there are no adult clothes close-by to give away the size.
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  13. For longer trips out when your incontinence pad is likely to become heavily wet, waterproof plastic pants worn over your pad provides added security and prevents accidental leaks. If you don't like the idea of plastic pants there are alternatives available that are made from a coated breathable nylon fabric that remains cool and comfortable even in the summer
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  15. If you use cotton towelling and waterproof pants for night time incontinence then choose pants that come well above the towelling at the waist. The illustration shows the towelling sticking out of the waist of the waterproof pants which would wick onto bedding leading to leaks. The same also applies to any exposed towelling material at the legs elastics.
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  17. Plastic waterproof pants can be slightly crinkly when first put on until they soften with body heat. Try keeping them in the airing cupboard. They may also last longer this way with reduced risk of splits and tears.
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  19. After a while washable absorbent products and waterproof pants can develop a slight residual odour after laundering. It is worth taking advantage of warm days by pegging them outside on the washing line to blow in the breeze. Hang plastic waterproof pants in a shaded position to prevent harm from direct sunlight.
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  21. I find an unbacked pad worn inside a thicker pad with a waterproof backing offers better protection for longer
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  23. Stretch pants supplied for use with disposable pads do not always provide sufficient support to keep the pad in place. Try wearing shaping, full pants that are sufficiently stretchy to hold your wet pad in place. Choose wide crotch pants with a high elastane content for stretch and support available on the high street or on-line in a range of styles.
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  25. With cotton towelling worn with plastic pants your instinct is to choose close-fitting waterproof pants that look neat and tidy. Instead try plastic pants that are at least a size larger than you would normally wear. They may puff up a bit, but the larger size will ensure that the towelling when wet is well covered at the waist and legs, eliminating leaks from wicking. Leg and waist elastic are much more comfy too.
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  27. The absorbency of cotton terry towelling can be boosted by placing a disposable soaker pad inside. Pin the towelling good and tight to keep it close to your body. This set up is only as good as good as your plastic pants . Make sure they are a generous fit that completely covers the towelling. The waterproof pants may puff out when you sit but that shows the fit is OK. You should enjoy a good nights sleep.
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  29. Get the plastic-backed rather than the cloth-feel products. They are more waterproof and have a better 'handle' ie smooth on the skin unlike the scratchy cloth-feel products.
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  31. I find that using a shorter thicker pad rather than a longer thinner pad gives more protection due to higher absorbency where it is needed.
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  33. Stretch pants used with disposable pads can be soaked overnight in a delicate wash for good cleaning and longer lasting
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  35. I have been wearing all-in-ones for over four years. My advice is don't worry about the tape on briefs looking like a diaper. If you need them you need them. If you’re still active don't trust the tapes - I always reinforce them with duct tape. Use white tape as it is less noticeable. By doing this you ensure a snug fit to reduce sagging and leaks with the tape.
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  37. Oil based skin care products will make plastic pants go hard. Polyurethane pants are more expensive but appear to be unaffected.
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  39. Good quality stretch pants - normally used with disposable pads - are very helpful for supporting and securing all-in-one pads
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  41. All-in-one disposable pads with plastic backing are not only more secure but you can use duct tape to add extra security at night, when the tapes can peel off when tossing & turning.
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