These are sometimes called ‘one-piece systems’ or ‘diapers’. They are most commonly used for heavy bladder leakage as they are the most absorbent of the pad designs 1

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More likely to suit you if...Less likely to suit you if...
  • Your leakage is very heavy
  • You are unable to stand to change the pad
  • Discretion is a priority for you

Top Tips

  1. If you wear plastic pants over your all-in-one nappy for extra security when out and about choose translucent or transparent plastic pants rather than opaque so your pad's wetness indicator strip can be easily seen through the front of your waterproof knickers to show that you are wet and might need a pad change. This avoids having to look down the front of your pants without the need to disturb them.
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  3. I been wearing diapers for over four years. My advice is if you need them use them. Don't worry about the tape on briefs looking like a diaper. If you need them you need them. If your still active don't trust the tapes on brand. I always reinforce them with duct tape. Use white tape as it is less noticeable. You ensure a snug fit to reduce sagging and leaks with the tape.
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  5. Get the plastic-backed rather than the cloth-feel products. They are more waterproof and have a better 'handle' ie smooth on the skin unlike the scratchy cloth-feel products.
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  7. Good quality stretch pants are very helpful for supporting and securing all-in pads
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