A Sheath is very similar to a contraceptive condom. It fits over the penis and collects urine as it leaves the body. You may also hear them called Condom catheters, Uridomes, Texas catheters or External catheters. They can be connected to a drainage bag or alternatively a catheter valve if your leakage is very light.

More likely to suit you if...Less likely to suit you if...
  • You wish to avoid using pads
  • Using a device (as opposed to a pad or catheter) is acceptable to you
  • You wish to avoid the inconvenience of frequent pad changes
  • You have found indwelling catheters to be uncomfortable (sheaths tend to be more comfortable than indwelling catheters)
  • You have had a problem with infection with indwelling catheters (sheaths are associated with less infection than indwelling catheters)
  • You have good hand control
  • You have good memory and mental function
  • You have skin damage on or around the penis
  • Urinary tract infection is a major concern for you
  • You or your helper are unwilling or unable to fit the sheath

Remember to check your sheath it is fitted well to your penis and empty bag when full


Top Tips

  1. A good barrier product can be used before wearing a sheath. It helps to protect the skin. (Thank you for your tip - some skin protectors can also interfere with sheath adhesion so please check before use)
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  3. Sheaths tend to fall off, not just a matter of fitting the right size as penis is often a different size when applying sheath to later in day (i.e. semi-erect when applying, but much smaller when out in the cold).
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  5. Use a catheter retainer strap, it stops the sheath kinking and blowing off – place over junction of sheath and bag
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  7. I was given some sheath samples without any instructions. I found useful guidance on the internet (youtube)
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  9. Stand over toilet or bidet when removing sheath - so drips go in loo or bidet
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  11. It can be easier to fit a sheath to an erect or semi-erect penis.
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  13. I use a sheet of kitchen paper to ensure complete dryness when a sheath is fitted
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  15. Adhesive can be difficult to remove from the skin – adhesive remover can help with this.
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  17. A small piece of cloth placed around the base of the penis between the sheath and underpants is useful if the adhesive is exposed.
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  19. For swimming try disconnecting the leg bag from the sheath and leaving the sheath open. A clamp over the sheath can give you time to get changed.
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  21. For non-absorbent product like sheaths, wrap in paper first before placing in a bin liner to absorb any drips.
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  23. If using a skin protector, it's often best to use the same manufacturer of both the skin protector and the sheath.
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  25. I am uncircumcised and have no difficulty keeping the sheath on. It is wise, however, to check your tube connections at least twice a day to make sure they are fastened securely. I check mine around noon and then again right before I go to bed. I do wear mine at night. I change sheaths and cleanse my leg bag right after my morning shower. I have a brand new blog for the exchange of information among sheath wearers and would like you to check it out:
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  27. To cleanse my leg bag, I place a few drops of dishwashing detergent in the top opening, then fill the lavatory with warm water and use a turkey baster with a rubber bulb on the end to shoot the warm water into the bag. I shake the bag well and do the procedure again. I now have a clean fresh smelling bag.
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  29. Use these products and you might find incontinence (drainage) bags give you more freedom
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  31. I use a Silicone reusable sheath, which has lasted for over a year. I remove & wash once a day, giving skin a break. Works for my 27 mm small penis
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  33. Sheaths tend to fall off, not just a matter of fitting the right size as penis is often a different size when applying sheath to later in day (i.e. semi-erect when applying, but much smaller when out in the cold).
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  35. Use skin protector wipes (available from sheath manufacturers) this may help protect the skin and improve adhesion.
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  37. Being circumcised is a great help for keeping them on all day. A pop on (modified) sheath is best for short penis as adhesive sticks to glans.
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