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  1. Use a modified sheath/ petal device (if you have penile retraction) with a leg bag and support garment for long car journeys and long walks
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  3. Have a range of product designs to suit your needs for different activities e.g. a clamp is useful for swimming.
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  5. A good barrier product can be used before wearing a sheath. It helps to protect the skin. (Thank you for your tip - some skin protectors can also interfere with sheath adhesion so please check before use)
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  7. Sheaths tend to fall off, not just a matter of fitting the right size as penis is often a different size when applying sheath to later in day (i.e. semi-erect when applying, but much smaller when out in the cold).
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  9. I wear a body-worn urinal. To help in putting the device on my wife made me a lycra sleeve about 6" long which is a snug fit over my penis, attached to a narrow tape, 12" long. I roll the lycra sleeve over my penis like a condom and thread the tape through the urinal. I then slide the urinal up the tape until the tip of my penis is about to enter the urinal. I then hold the urinal against the end of my penis, I pull gently on the tape. This pulls my penis effortlessly into the urinal.
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  11. Use a catheter retainer strap, it stops the sheath kinking and blowing off – place over junction of sheath and bag
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  13. Wearing a clamp can be uncomfortable if tight enough to completely prevent leakage. You could try keeping the clamp loose enough for comfort and wear with a small pad as "back up".
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  15. A clamp can be useful while you are preparing to fit other products or during product change.
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  17. By wearing a clamp you may be able to use a smaller pad and use fewer pads during a day
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  19. To prevent chafing of my scrotum by the groin straps I wear my body-worn urinal over an elasticated scrotal support.
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  21. A clamp can be useful for short periods of time, for example, when getting up to make a tea in the morning.
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  23. I was given some sheath samples without any instructions. I found useful guidance on the internet (youtube)
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  25. A body-worn urinal is good for going out as nothing to change, snug fit and can be worn sitting and standing
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  27. Stand over toilet or bidet when removing sheath - so drips go in loo or bidet
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  29. I use a body-worn urinal. The point at which the bag joins the drain tube is a weakness (over time movement causes it to crack and leak) and I strengthen this with duck tape.
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  31. I have worn a body-worn urinal for a year now with a direct flow bag on my thigh. I wear it on top of knee length under pants which has a fly opening, this stops the straps chaffing between my legs. I use a non sting barrier cream on the underside of my penis which does get sore after a few days, then I swoop the body-worn urinal for a external sheath which I wear for 24hrs to give my penis a chance to recover
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  33. It can be easier to fit a sheath to an erect or semi-erect penis.
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  35. I use a sheet of kitchen paper to ensure complete dryness when a sheath is fitted
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  37. Remember to check your sheath it is fitted well to your penis and empty bag when full
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  39. Always release the clamp over the toilet or into a urinal as urine will have collected
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  41. I struggled for 8 years with his problem, so I developed my own body-worn urinal, I had extreme difficulty attaching the condom catheter/sheath to my penis, in fact when the urine bag begins filling up the attachment fails so I modified a standard male jock-strap for my waist size and attached a removable sheath/capture cup which is then attached to a drain bag, it works well for me even during sleeping,
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  43. I use a silicone reusable sheath, which has lasted for over a year. I remove & wash once a day, giving skin a break. Works for my 27 mm small penis
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  45. Correct fit can be the difference between success and failure with a body-worn urinal. Size can change over time and a reassessment may be beneficial.
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  47. Adhesive from a sheath can be difficult to remove from the skin – adhesive remover can help with this.
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  49. A small piece of cloth placed around the base of the penis between the sheath and underpants is useful if the adhesive is exposed.
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  51. For swimming try disconnecting the leg bag from the sheath and leaving the sheath open. A clamp over the sheath can give you time to get changed.
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  53. For non-absorbent product like sheaths, wrap in paper first before placing in a bin liner to absorb any drips.
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  55. If using a skin protector, it's often best to use the same manufacturer of both the skin protector and the sheath.
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  57. I am uncircumcised and have no difficulty keeping the sheath on. It is wise, however, to check your tube connections at least twice a day to make sure they are fastened securely. I check mine around noon and then again right before I go to bed. I do wear mine at night. I change sheaths and cleanse my leg bag right after my morning shower. I have a brand new blog for the exchange of information among sheath wearers and would like you to check it out:
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  59. To avoid soreness from the body-worn urinal's latex straps in my groin I use a pair of tight briefs into which I cut a 1" dia. hole. My penis goes through the hole and then I wear the BWU on top.
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  61. Using skin protector wipes (available from sheath manufacturers) may help protect the skin and improve adhesion.
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  63. Being circumcised is a great help for keeping them on all day. A pop on modified sheath is best for short penis as adhesive sticks to glans.
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