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Body-Worn Urinals

Body-worn urinal (BWU) is a general term used to describe a wide range of male devices which are mainly reusable (although they can have a disposable part such as a leg bag) that are designed to collect urine as it leaves the body. They offer an alternative to a disposable sheath system and are secured in place using either straps, specially designed underwear or occasionally adhesive.

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  • Using a device (as opposed to a pad) is acceptable to you

Correct fit can be the difference between success and failure with this device. Size can change over time and a reassessment may be beneficial.


Top Tips

  1. I wear a body worn urinal. To help in putting the device on my wife made me a lycra sleeve about 6" long which is a snug fit over my penis, attached to a narrow tape, 12" long. I roll the lycra sleeve over my penis like a condom and thread the tape through the urinal. I then slide the urinal up the tape until the tip of my penis is about to enter the urinal. I then hold the urinal against the end of my penis, I pull gently on the tape. This pulls my penis effortlessly into the urinal.
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  3. To prevent chafing of my scrotum by the groin straps I wear my urinal over an elasticated scrotal support.
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  5. Good for going out as nothing to change, snug fit and can be worn sitting and standing
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  7. I use a body-worn urinal The point at which the bag joins the drain tube is a weakness (over time movement causes it to crack and leak) and I strengthen this with duck tape.
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  9. I have worn a Body-worn urinal for a year now with a direct flow bag on my thigh. I wear it on top of knee length under pants which has a fly opening, this stops the straps chaffing between my legs. I use a non sting barrier cream on the underside of my penis which does get sore after a few days, then I swoop the body-worn urinal for a external sheath which I wear for 24hrs to give my penis a chance to recover
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