T-Shape Pads

T shape pads are sometimes called belted pads. They are similar to all-in-ones but are designed to be easier to put on when standing up.

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Belted or T shape disposble pad

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  • You are male
  • You are most concerned about reliably containing leakage

Top Tips

  1. Get the plastic-backed rather than the cloth-feel products. They are more waterproof and have a better 'handle' ie smooth on the skin unlike the scratchy cloth-feel products.
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  3. Even if you prefer pull up style pants, T shaped pads can be useful for a change when out in public. After tearing away the sides of a pull up, the T shaped pad can be fitted without removing trousers.
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  5. You may be able to use a smaller size and get a closer fit with a T shape pad - e.g. use a small for a 32 inch waist - and they look much better than the image above. These pads are very easy to fit, unlike taped all in ones. They can also be adjusted easily, or quickly removed (if you make it in time! ) as most have velcro fastenings.
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