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Top Tips

  1. Look for pads with leakage barriers which can help to prevent leakage from the sides
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  3. Use small pads with an adhesive backing if you are doing an activity such as running (but make sure you wear close fitting pants to avoid the pad moving around)
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  5. Don't be put off using washable incontinence pants if you experience leaks when out and about. They are easier to walk in than the alternative terry diapers and plastic pants or disposable pads. Try inserting an unbacked pad for additional capacity and a pair of plastic pants worn over them will give great protection.
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  7. Pull-ons are great for daytime if you have some control & can sometimes make it to the toilet. If you are often unable to get to the toilet in time, an all in one pad (diaper) will give the best fit and protection.
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  9. Washable pants are hard to buy, but I would use again.
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  11. Disposable leafs don’t stick that good especially if you move, need to hold in place with close fitting pants.
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Incontinence can often be cured. Incontinence is a problem with one or more underlying causes that can often be cured or improved. Whatever your age seeking help is always advisable. Take the first step to getting help by contacting a health professional or continence organisation in your country.

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