Large Disposable Pads

These pads are sometimes called ‘insert pads’ , shaped pads or ‘two-piece systems’ are used by many men with moderate/heavy bladder leakage.

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More likely to suit you if...Less likely to suit you if...
  • Discretion is a priority for you
  • You want a product which is easy to put on
  • You can stand up (with assistance if necessary) but can't change your own pad
  • Your leakage is very heavy
  • You are mobile and active

Top Tips

  1. For longer trips out when your incontinence pad is likely to become heavily wet, waterproof plastic pants worn over your pad provides added security and prevents accidental leaks. If you don't like the idea of plastic pants there are alternatives available that are made from a coated breathable nylon fabric that remains cool and comfortable even in the summer
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  3. Net pants supplied to be worn over disposable pads do not always provide sufficient support to keep your pad close fitting when your pad becomes heavy after a good wetting. Try wearing shaping, full knickers that are sufficiently stretchy to hold your wet pad in place. Choose wide crotch knickers with a high elastane content for stretch and support available from a well know retailer or on-line in a range of styles. Close fitting vinyl knickers may be worn for added security for heavy wetters.
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  5. Shaped pads and net pants are better during the day as they are cooler to wear than all in one pads
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  7. I find these are slimmer and therefore more discreet for day use
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  9. If you wear plastic pants over your incontinence pad for extra security when out and about choose translucent or transparent plastic pants rather than opaque so your pad's wetness indicator strip can be easily seen through the front of your waterproof knickers to show that you are wet and might need a pad change. This avoids having to look down the front of your pants without the need to disturb them.
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  11. Shaped pads are are easy to fit and use when going to the loo.
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  13. Being very active these are only any good for night time and rainy days in. Trouble is regardless of which pants I use to fix these, after moving around a bit the front edges tend to scrunch or curl over slightly meaning once they are wet a part of the pad is touching the stretch pants, despite feeling dry and confident I find I have two massive wet spots either side of my groin - also at the perfect height to soak what ever is in my pockets. All in ones are better but have there own issues.
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  15. Less likely to leak if held firmly against the body, therefore wear sleeveless all in one incontinence vest (body stocking) that fastens at the crotch with poppers. Will also stop pad sagging and slipping and hide what you are wearing when bending over or trousers slip. Make sure poppers have at least 4 inch spread, otherwise pad slips to side. Not suitable without adaptation or help if difficulty bending to pull up and fasten flap.
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  17. Use with fine mesh pants which keep their shape longer than net pants Wash on cool temperatures to reduce risk of shrinking
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