These are sometimes called ‘one-piece systems’ or ‘diapers’. They are most commonly used for heavy bladder leakage as they are the most absorbent of the pad designs 1

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More likely to suit you if...Less likely to suit you if...
  • You are male
  • Your leakage is very heavy
  • You are unable to stand to change the pad
  • Discretion is a priority for you

Make sure you take the correct measurements, the wrong sized nappy will leak! Also for men try and tuck things down, it does not feel right but you will get used to it and you will need fewer changes, saving money.

Anonymous, United Kingdom

Top Tips

  1. If you wear plastic pants over your all-in-one pad for extra security when out and about choose translucent or transparent plastic pants rather than opaque so your pad's wetness indicator strip can be easily seen through the front of your waterproof knickers to show that you are wet and might need a pad change. This avoids having to look down the front of your pants without the need to disturb them.
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  3. All in one pads are great at night, but if you do get a bit of leakage you can always wear plastic pants over the top of them.
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  5. All in one pads are great for traveling . They are not as bulky as they used to be and last a long time between changes.
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  7. Try to get the plastic or PE backed types. They are smoother, without the scratchy surface of the cloth-feel types and are more waterproof.
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  9. If you soil yourself in an All in one pad do not worry too much about others noticing, it takes around 17 minutes for the smell to become noticeable to others, while you may be able to notice it sooner others will not.
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  11. If you find you are changing too often the addition of an absorbent pad with some slashes in the back of the plastic inside the brief/diaper can help increase the absorbency without drastically increasing the bulk of the product (Also, non-plastic backed pads may be a cheaper and more effective alternative booster pad)
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  13. If you get the right size and fit they can be embarrassing, but they save your clothes from embarrassment, It's an OK trade-off IMO. I live with severe incontinence and it is OK.
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  15. I find this type bulky but comfortable and can wear for a long time while at home, incontinence pants are more discreet if going out.
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  17. Wear plastic pants over the top for added protection and secure fit.
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  19. Changing in a public cubical standing isn't exactly ideal but usually possible if you lean against the wall to hold the back of the pad in place whilst fitting the front. Ideal when you absolutely cannot afford to have even the smallest leak or on journeys to unfamiliar places, the trade off is the bulk and inconvenience of changes.
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  21. If you are bowel incontinent, use a barrier cream on your butt (bottom, buttocks)and between your legs as it will help protect your skin when you have a bowel movement.
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  23. All in ones at nighttime are the only disposable solution for many men. In The UK the Continence service offers usually one manufacturer and these pads differ greatly between Manufacturer. some stretchy, some plastic backed, others breathable, different absorbency, different distribution of pulp.. If yours is not satisfactory try to make a case for an alternative but do so based on evidence.. Some distributors will sell samples in ones and twos so you can find the best for you.
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Incontinence can often be cured. Incontinence is a problem with one or more underlying causes that can often be cured or improved. Whatever your age seeking help is always advisable. Take the first step to getting help by contacting a health professional or continence organisation in your country.

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