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Pads - moderate / heavy bladder leakage in men

Pads are the most commonly used product for moderate/heavy bladder leakage and work well for many men. However, some men prefer to use male devices either instead of pads, or in a mix of products including pads.

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Top Tips

  1. Elderly persons diagnosed with Alzeimers may be bedwetters with night time incontinence, and unless closely supervised may forget to use waterproof incontinence wear at bed time. Useful tip- leave their nappies or pads and plastic pants with their night clothes ready on the bed so they cannot be missed. Alternatively a stack of nappies, pads and plastic pants in plain view by the bedside will act as reminder that they need to be padded and help prevent accidents.
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  3. You can wear plastic pants over the top of disposable products for long car journeys in case you can't get to a toilet in time
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  5. If using plastic pants, buy with a double leg seal as they have a strong tendency to leak at the leg seam.
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  7. Soak stretch pants overnight in a delicate wash for good cleaning and longer lasting
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  9. If provided with cheap net support pants try wearing 2 or three at once. Additional support greatly improves efficiency of pads
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  11. Always carry a spare incontinence product with you when away from home, nobody likes telltale signs that you have wet from leaking.
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