Washable Pants

Washable pants are sometimes called ‘pantegrals’ or ‘pants with built-in-pad’. They look similar to normal underwear but have a built in absorbent gusset.

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More likely to suit you if...Less likely to suit you if...
  • Your leakage is very light
  • Low cost is a priority for you
  • You are mobile and active
  • You do not have adequate laundry facilities
  • You are unwilling to use washable products
  • You are not prepared to carry used products when out
  • Your leakage is at the heavier end of light leakage

Top Tips

  1. Don't be put off using washable incontinence pants if you experience leaks when out and about. They are easier to walk in than the alternative terry nappies and plastic pants or disposables. Try inserting a booster pad for additional capacity and a pair of plastic pants worn over them will give great protection.
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  3. Washable incontinence pants can offer a variety of levels of protection depending on your situation and needs on a particular day. For every day, wear as they are, for increased protection slide in a disposable soaker pad and for top protection pop a pair of waterproof plastic pants on over them to eliminate risk of leaks by heavy wetters
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  5. These are hard to buy, but I would use again
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