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Pads - light bladder leakage in men

Pads are the most commonly used product for light bladder leakage and work well for many men. Some pads are designed specifically for men. However, some men prefer to use male devices either instead of pads, or in a mix of products including pads.

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Top Tips

  1. Look for pads with leakage barriers which can hep to prevent leakage from the sides
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  3. Use small pads with an adhesive backing if you are doing an activity such as running
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  5. Developing incontinence and all that goes with it can be traumatic, particularly the need to use incontinence products. The process can be easier if incontinence knickers, plastic pants and pads etc. are gradually introduced into the underwear drawer, side by side with your regular knickers. Over a period of time the old underwear can be moved to a different drawer and replaced with incontinence pants, waterproof pants and incontinence pads etc. The old underwear can then be disposed of.
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  7. Use small pads with an adhesive backing if you are doing an activity such as running Sinead, United Kingdom
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