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Some products or techniques for managing bladder or bowel problems require you (or your helper) to have good hand control (manual dexterity). Some products have features that can present problems for people with reduced hand control. For example, some types of absorbent pads have adhesive tabs that some people find difficult to use, and some urine collection bags have valves that some people find difficult to operate. Some procedures – such as intermittent catheterisation or the insertion of internal female devices – can be more difficult for people with reduced hand control.

However, by finding out about and trying different products you should be able to find ones that suit you. And there are products specially designed to help people with reduced hand control.

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Incontinence can often be cured. Incontinence is a problem with one or more underlying causes that can often be cured or improved. Whatever your age seeking help is always advisable. Take the first step to getting help by contacting a health professional or continence organisation in your country.

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