Waterproof Bedding

A wide range of waterproof bedding is available to protect against leakage.

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Top Tips

  1. Bedwetters who want a break from nappies, pads, and plastic pants can protect your bed with a waterproof vinyl mattress cover and absorbent soaker pad. Your duvet and pillow can be placed in pvc fitted covers that are undetectable when the fabric outer covers are added. When you are incontinent during the night then just the sheet and fabric outer cover may get wet and your bed and duvet will remain clean and dry leaving just the sheet and outer cover to wash.
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  3. When you start wetting your bed you should fit a good quality washable cover to your mattress. Fabric ones are more comfortable than cheaper vinyl alternatives. As occasional accidents develop into full incontinence where you are wetting in your sleep a decision is needed over body worn products. The best options are disposable all-in-one nappies, or washable nappies worn with vinyl waterproof pants which many will remember from childhood. For men nappies and plastic pants are a must have option
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  5. Use a waterproof cover just in case – fleece covering on the upper side looks and feels normal
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  7. If you are a restless sleeper or sleep on your side, use a bed pad in case disposable pads are insufficient.
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