Chair Protectors

Chair protectors are smaller versions of washable underpads designed specifically to be used as protection against leakage on chairs and sofas.

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Top Tips

  1. If you are prone to sudden loss of urine that floods your incontinence wear even the best pads or waterproof pants will leak around the leg bands as padding struggles to absorb urine. Prolonged sitting also leads to damp transmitting at the back of the legs which you may not be aware of until you stand up. Those of us who are daytime incontinent and wear nappies and plastic pants, or disposable nappies can protect furniture with a waterproof seat pad in a range of attractive designs.
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  3. If you suffer with incontinence, but are worried about going out to the pub for example, when heavy wetting is a real risk, leaks at the back of the leg bands of your plastic pants while sitting can be a real concern. Perhaps try bloomer style vinyl pants that are now available. They have longer bloomer style legs that come down towards the knee and allow your nappy or incontinence pad to absorb heavy urine loss into your pants and helps prevent embarrassing leaks for the heaviest of wetters.
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Incontinence can often be cured. Incontinence is a problem with one or more underlying causes that can often be cured or improved. Whatever your age seeking help is always advisable. Take the first step to getting help by contacting a health professional or continence organisation in your country.

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