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Bed and Chair Protectors

Bed and chair pads are designed to protect the bed or surfaces on which you sit e.g. a chair or car seat. They may be also be absorbent and are available in both disposable and washable versions.

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Top Tips

  1. When diagnosed incontinent it is important to use a good quality fabric bed pad mattress protector under your sheet, the larger the better. Remember this will not work on its own. I took the plunge and opted for traditional terry nappies and waterproof plastic pants which are an excellent combo. Generous sized plastic pants that come well up your back and amply cover your nappy mean leaks are thankfully rare despite a normally saturated nappy after a heavy nights wetting.
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Incontinence can often be cured. Incontinence is a problem with one or more underlying causes that can often be cured or improved. Whatever your age seeking help is always advisable. Take the first step to getting help by contacting a health professional or continence organisation in your country.

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