Clothing Modifications

Clothing modifications can be extremely helpful in enabling the use of certain body-worn products and improving ability to use hand-held urinals or the toilet independently.

Top Tips

  1. Good points are they are great for holding up pads, i.e. no saggy nappy, they also prevent the top of the nappy sticking out your trousers when bending or stretching. The low for me was getting dressed and looking down at myself in a nappy and popper vest
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  3. Using spandex type shorts will enable you to limit the noise from any brief or incontinence product and support said product close to your body
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  5. Plastic pants can be slightly crinkly when first put on until they soften with body heat. Try keeping your plastic panties in the airing cupboard next to your stack of nappies or incontinence knickers. That way its easy to grab a fresh pair of waterproof pants for nappy changes and they are lovely and soft to wear from the start. They also last longer this way with reduced risk of splits and tears.
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  7. vêtementet très confortable, idéale pour le maintient des couches incontinence,
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  9. When starting daytime wetting smaller pads are not noticeable under clothes, but as I began wetting heavily with full bladder loss I need to wear large disposable pads and then terry diapers with a soaker pad and waterproof plastic pants. The increased bulk was noticeable beneath outer clothes. Gradually increase the capacity and size of pads and nappies over a period of months, moving up a clothes size so friends and family are unaware of any sudden change in body image due to the diapers.
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  11. Plastic pants are best drip dried over the shower head.
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  13. Swimwear, especially containment swim briefs, can be occasionally soaked in Borax (inexpensive and found in the laundry aisle) between regular washings to remove any lingering odour. Then just rewash and hang to dry.
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