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There is a wide range of products designed to help manage bladder and bowel symptoms. Although there are many different individual products, they mostly fall into a small number of design categories to either contain incontinence, help with toiletting or manage urinary retention.

All products can be hazardous. Look for safety information in the product sections and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

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More about products

  • A wide variety of products are available. Both men and women often find that using a combination of products offers them the flexibility they require for a range of daily activities and circumstances. The combination of products that works for you will depend upon your lifestyle and personal circumstances.

  • Please take a look at all the product groups available, you will find that some products are unisex whilst others are suitable for only women or only men.

  • Absorbent pads are one of the most commonly used type of product for containing leakage, especially for women1 Although other female devices do exist, they are less widely used. Take a look at what is available, you may find that they will work for you.

  • Men have several types of device available to them and many men find devices to be more acceptable than pads2. Again using a combination of products often works best for depending on your lifestyle.

  • There is more research evidence for some products than for others and this has been referred to where it exists.

Click on People if you are unsure about which product group will suit you best and you would like some assistance to help you think about your individual needs.

How to get help

Although there are many products in existence, they may not always be widely available in your country 3 Funding for products varies according to which country you live in. In some places products are provided free by your health care provider, in others you will have to buy the products yourself. You are recommended to contact local organisations for guidance on availability where you are - click on Worldwide for help.